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Korean Mask Support to United Nations Veterans

70th Anniversary of Korean War Project Execution Committee who reports to and with the strong commitment from the Prime Minister, announced today June 15 Monday that they have successfully finished distributing Korean Standard KF94 disposable face masks to U.N. Veterans who had participating in the Korean War to save South Korea from sudden attack from the North . Korean Veterans Administration sited they planned to distribute masks to veterans of 7 countries initially past April, but had struck hard-ship due to shortages – where the Prime Minister accentuated this technologically advanced Korea today is in gratitude to their protection of our freedom and peace – to increase valable nation number to 22 where a total of a Million masks is to be sent .

  • thus 500,000 masks was flown to the States who account for over 90 percent of military support, which arrived into Andrews Air Force Base at the out-skirts of Washington D.C. on June 12 Friday local time
  • and another 500,000 sent to 21 countries of United Nations


– May You All Live Long and Prosper, iTaewon BLog

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