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Shake Shack

Definitive guide to all Shake Shack hamburger joints around the Korean Peninsula, and as usual going geographically from North-West clock-wise down to South-East (our spelling to match current Official national guide):

[ in the Capital of SEOUL, North-West of South Korea ]

  • Times Square
  • iPark Mall
  • JongGak
  • Doota
  • CheongDam
  • GangNam
  • Central City

[ massive Satellite Cities surrounding the Capital of SEOUL ]

  • inCheon international Airport
  • SongDo
  • StarField Branch in GoYang
  • AK Plaza, BeunDang


[ in the Port City of Busan formally Pusan ]

  • SeoMyeon


– yummy, iTaewon BLog

as the extensif map above will give you an idea of which areas are “iN” for Shake Shack is beaucoup Trendy of all Trends here //

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