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Disaster Emergency Payment for Foreigners

Since passing the Korean Senate this April 29 2020 : Citizens have been receiving Emergency Relief Fund from the government . it was coordinated by relative (in case of large) Cities “Shi” and regional administrative offices “Do”. it was granted to all citizens registered to live in that specific geographical region . limit amount for above-average income was W400,000 for a single household, W600,000 for two and W800,000 for more than three people registered to a single address . it was deducted from credit card of his/her choice of the representative of that household (Korean registry requires one to designate.). the used amount was SMS messaged to the person’s cell phone AND could be verified at the credit card website and smartphone app. it had to be used until August 31 2020 or will expire . initially it had to be used in “Gu” region within domicile but eventually widened to the City (if large) or “Do” Region the household was registered to .

and following advice from National Human Rights Commission of Korea, SEOUL City is now granting this payment to legal residents and workers of foreign nationality in South Korea . other regions may follow suite //



  • Foreigners with Legal Residence from Work
  • over 90 Days passed from Applying for Foreign Residence as of August 27 Thursday 2020.
  • Students with D-2 or D-4 ViSas and illegal foreigners are exempt from this system .
  • Koreans living abroad with F-4 ViSa working in unrecognized field of work is also exempt .
  • Applicants can apply at SEOUL City Emergency Livelihood Support to Foreigners Website >>LiNK<<



  • Applications received On-Line from August 27 Thursday at SEOUL City Foreigners Disaster Emergency Livelihood Assistance WebSite .
  • Relief payment will be the same as relative amount paid to local Koreans from this March : under medium income 10%, less than two people in a household W300,000; 3~4 persons W400,000 and over 5 at W500,000


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