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This is what Happens if you Hide from Corona Virus

KCDC Korea Center for Disease Control in accordance with Regional Administration Office and the Police is still in search for possible subjects who had been to iTaewon clubs over two Weeks ago over the first Weekend of May . this is the second out-break from a cluster of sub-culture, where the first was the religious sect of ShinCheonJi Church head-quartered in South Korea’s third major city of DaeGu – quite rich from textile and automobile industries – scattered and hid from tracking teams as they were scorned from citizens as a whole .

as they are now reputedly known through-out the World : the authorities tracked them down to the last person who had been at the church gathering, but perhaps a bit harder this time around as some although a small portion are foreigners (there were foreigners too during ShinCheonJi search but much smaller numbers mostly Chinese nationals as they even had branches in China, namely Wuhan the initial source of Covid-19).


aside from rational (as this time around the spread is said to be silent, as the bulk of attendees are younger and more prone to spread to elders without showing symptoms) and medical reasons (although care would be instantaneous and FREE in South Korea, the virus might disable you for life) here are a couple of more-apparent physically visible reasons why you should come for-ward from hiding if you have been any of infected places and show signs of temperature, breathing or digestive problems :

  1. a team of five people will come to visit you in a white mini-van from either KCDC, Regional Administration Office or the Police
  2. consisting of one doctor, one nurse, representatives from KCDC, Regional Administration Office and the Police led by an Administration Office or military driver .
  3. they will don full-medical protective gear from head-to-toe in white, intact with eye-protection goggles and face mask .
  4. Koreans call them The Avengers in short, as they are in fact the die-hard heroes who are risking their lives to save the nation .
  5. this fact that they had to come-to-you instead of the other way-around, puts you at the mercy to be fined up-to W2,000,000 for evading this investigation,
  6. plus over ten-times more in legal damages if you infect others due to your own irresponsibilities .


– iTaewon BLog mid-May 2020

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