iTaewon BLog


this the main map by which sectors of iTaewon and surroundings are divided in this site, going clock-wise geographically from West-end of iTaewon :


  1. West of Hamilton Hotel
  2. NamSan Tunnel No.2 Entrance up to Hyatt
  3. alley behind Hamilton Hotel
  4. East of Hamilton Hotel
  5. HanNamDong
  6. entering beside Fire Station onto Hooker Hill, up to Mosque Hill
  7. across Hamilton Hotel including African alley
  8. luggage stores area
  9. ChungHwa Apartment rear entrance down Antique Alley to Crown Hotel
  10. BoKwangDong down to Han River
  11. HanNam Bridge North
  12. U.N. Village & HillTop Apartments


[ Street Maps ]

Hamilton Hotel West : West-side faces up on this one :


Hamilton Hotel East : East-side faces up here :


– January 2009 –

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