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Cuomo Patton Speech

– March 28 Saturday 2020 iTaewon BLog

( May 11 Monday update ) so what is this with Mayor-run in-the-family State Attorney-turned-Governor of New York ? ofcourse with some of the usual short-comings of a politian, still rising-out-the-ashes sort-of like George W.Bush although circumstances were and are different in the wake of 9-11 Twin-Towers attack – to acknowledge current situation clearly, bravely lead the way-through and miraculously inspire the future perhaps of even man-kind in the midst of a pandemic the World has never seen before . is he knowingly trying to spread another epidemic in the form of Cuomo-Sexual on-top of this crisis ? or is he subtly calculating pieces to run for the next President of the United States ? hmm..

come Mothers’ Day circa May 11 Monday 2020: at the end of his Corona Virus briefing he softly rendered the topic in-to Love, pure unrelinquishing Love to introduce his Mom, sisters and daughters a-Live some on the large-screen panel . and in his words it is more important than the virus, right and come-to-think-of-it: very true .

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