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Why is iTaewon BLog mentioning the Satellite City of AnSan South-West from the Capital on the way to Western Ports ? because it is the Gu-administration area where a whopping 80% of its population are foreigners, only second to DaeRimDong a bit closer to downtown SEOUL composed of Chinese . but there are not English teachers who have ridden the rush from down-under, North American and Europe but South-East Asian and East European laborers who dedicate to the Korean industry . most work long-hours and dwell on factory dormitory so don’t even have time to spend money, instead wiring a set portion back to families back home . thus banks in these area are constantly open amid safety not held as other parts of the country, as most transactions are done in cash . compared to this : iTaewon is a small-scale of Arabs, Africans and LGBT .


a new system of postal address is in effect from 2014 but citizens as well as institutions not used to it yet, so is in paranthesis while using the old address in large throughout this website .

the order of all geographical address on thie BLog begins at West and goes clock-wise North heading South .

[ Ansan Foreigner Workers Support LINK ]

AnSan Migrant Community Service Center :
(43 BuBuRo) 991-1 WonGok Dong, DanWonGu, AnSan City, KyeongGiDo,
SEOUL Subway Line 4 AnSan Station Northern Exit 1 cross the street and enter 2nd alley to your Left, and is on the 3rd block to your Left

AnSan Migrant Center :
(42 DaMungHwa-1-Gil) 791-4 WonGokDong, DanWonGu, AnSan City, KyeongGiDo,
Tel.031-492-8785 Fax.031-492-4722
SEOUL Subway Line 4 JoongAng Station Northern Exit 1, cross the road and proceed straight North then turn Left on the 5th Block and is on the next building

Human Resources Development Service of Korea /
Counselling Center for Foreign Workers AnSan Branch :
3rd Floor, Emerald Building, (16 GoJan-2-Gil) 531-2 GoJanDong, DanWonGu, AnSan City, GyeongGiDo,
SEOUL Subway Line 4 JoongAng Station Northern Exit 1, cross the road and is on the second block to your Right


[ Western Union Banks open Sundays ]

♦ IBK industrial Bank of Korea AnSan Foreign Currency Wiring Center
above AnSan Migrant Center ground floor
Monday ~ Friday 10am ~ 7pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am ~ 4pm only for foreigners

♦ Hana Bank AnSan WonGokDong Temporary Office
(20 WonBonRo) 792-4 WonGokDong, DanWonGu, AnSan City,
Monday ~ Friday 10am ~ 7:30pm
Saturday : Closed
Sunday 10am ~ 4pm only for foreigners

♦ KB KukMin Bank WonGok Foreign Currency Wiring Office
(22 WonBonRo) 792-5 WonGokDong, DanWonGu, AnSan City,
Monday ~ Friday 10:30am ~ 7:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am ~ 4pm only for foreigners

큰 지도에서 AnSan Foreign Workers Support 보기

– iTaeWon BLog –


Hello i am a filipino and I’m here at incheon, I work in hotel and i want to open a bank account ….. but the problem is i dont have a visa anymore. .. is it still possible for me have a new account? So that i can transfer money for my family in the Philippines. Pls help me

seems you are an adult, so should know that illegal activities – although easier to enact, will have consequences :
1.No, you cannot open or own a back account as an illegal alien
2.although there are severy ways you can send money abroad
3.first know : you will be vulnerable to various SCAMS and taken advantage of by people around you .
4.either-way you will need to confide in a legal resident, who you can trust 100%
5.where you can pass him or her the amount and he/she transfers it FOR you
6.( plus in extreme loop-holes : you may be able to figure a way using PayPal and/or banks in a third country )
7.or if nothing else works, you will be left with an insecure option : of accumulating physically then bringing it back abroad regularly yourself //

instead, I recommend you seek professional advice, to get legal status, as there are several ways you can do this, but may require you to return to your country
– although you will have to pay processing fees, it will save you money in the long-run
– Good Luck and no more inquiries on this genre please –

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