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Time passes, people change and so even the law changes to reflect the fragile or meaningless nature of humans, especially in amassed metropolis . and as diverse habitants are in different parts on Earth, South Korea (whose tone is quite different from North Korea) has change or rather leaped-forward onto the Post-Modern World after the Korean War . Korean was transfered into English earlier as G.i.’s pronounced onto their Korean counterparts while both were reconstructing the country after the war . but Korean began to be spelled rather ‘correctly’ as the aspiring nation prepared for its first Olympics in 1988 . noteably most ‘k’ were changed to ‘g’ understandable as the Korean character ‘ㄱ’ is pronounced as between the two . ofcourse queer words and expressions were borne from these humble times, and more conjured as people (mostly on television drama series, then later on internet communities and On-Line chatting sessions) chose to be different among the mass populace of the Korean Peninsula . The newer words and phrases Post-Millennium are so different that it just don’t fit into classic TV dramas, but the producers sometimes do to show this is a new kind of episode series than the dull earlier counterparts .

the following are mostly used between younger friends, lovers and TV comedies, and will try to explain in full sentences hinting actual usage, instead of word-to-word translation :


  • 그러니까 – gooro nika – (deducting) so, thus .
  • 그렇거든 – gooro kodeun – (letting you know as final) that it is so, with a kidding nuance .
  • 심쿵 – sim keung – excited as to feel your heat ‘beat’.
  • 쩐다 / 쩔어 – ‘ㅉ’ cannot be pronounced by English alone as is between ‘jj’ and ‘ch’ so jjeonda or cheonda / jjeol-oh or cheol-oh : Wow, it is amazing (latter borne from Western inCheon dialect)
  • 풋풋 – peut peut – fresh as new-grown grass in nature .
  • 후덜덜 / ㅎㄷㄷ – hoo-deol-deol – so surprised (than afraid) that your body is shaking and the latter used as cool, simple form while chatting .
  • 흠짓 – heum jit – your body shrinks as if feeling something strange in a haunted house .



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