iTaewon BLog


What You Always Wanted to know about Shopping, Partying AND Living
in Seoul and thus Korea’s most inter-racial AND inter-sexual neighborhood
but my brain stopped functioning from trying to decide which country’s food to try-out


– answers coming-up, so comment more questions onto bottom of this Page –

  • where is iTaewon’s boundaries exactly ?
  • which is the best way to get to iTaewon ?
  • are there many hotels in iTaewon ?


  • how do Shopping in iTaewon differ from say : MyeongDong, DongDaeMun and ApGuJeong ?
  • how are the quality of fake designer copies here ?


  • is this THE place to p-a-r-t-y in the Capital of Seoul ?
  • which is the most active here : Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual OR Trans ?
  • where exactly is the Red Light District ?


  • how safe is this neighborhood ?
  • don’t sound like a good place to live though, OR is it ?
  • how are the demographics between : military personnel, trans-sexuals, English teachers, Arabs, Africans, Europeans and locals ?


LIVE from iTaewon, where every night is a Halloween P-a-r-t-y

from Left : super-model olive, BLues-Killer tobi and AMARiNE who eventually caught Marine Boy 😉

– iTaewon BLog –

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