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Western Union

Korean BANK Branches accepting Western Union transfers on Sundays


  • Western Union KOREA notice on bank branches open Sundays ≫LINK≪
  • Foreign Workers Support AND Sunday Banks in the Satellite City of AnSan ≫LINK≪



accepting Western Union transactions – mostly for foreigners transfering-out money . geographically ordered from North-West and proceeding clock-wise South-East :

  1. mostly gathered around industrial districts of Guro, on the South-Western outskirts of the Capital,
  2. inside old downtown SEOUL,
  3. and in South Korea’s textile city of DaeGu,


( Guro / DaeRim Area )

♦ Hana Bank GuroDong Branch
(34 GuroDongRo) 89-138 GariBongDong, GuroGu, SEOUL
Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 4pm
Saturday : CLOSED
Sunday 10am ~ 4pm only for foreigners

♦ KB KukMin Bank Guro Foreign Currency Wiring Center 
(11 DoRimRo 20Gil) 169-2 Guro-3-Dong, GuroGu, SEOUL
Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 4pm
Saturday : CLOSED
Sunday 10am ~ 4pm only for foreigners

♦ Hana Bank DaeRim Temporary Office
(135 DoRimRo) 1050-40 DaeRimDong, YeongDeungPoGu, SEOUL
Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 4pm
Saturday : CLOSED
Sunday 10am ~ 4pm only for foreigners


( downtown SEOUL )

♦ KB KukMin Bank OJangDong Branch
(336 DongHoRo) 146-7 SsangRimDong, JoongGu, SEOUL
*SEOUL Subway Line 4 and 5 DongDaeMun History Park Station Exit 6 and is the 3rd building
Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 4pm
Saturday : CLOSED
Sunday 10:30am ~ 4:30pm only for foreigners

♦ Hana Bank ULJiro-6-Ga Branch second floor
18-130 ULJiro-6-Ga, JoongGu, SEOUL
*SEOUL Subway Line 2 and 4 DongDaeMun History Park Station Exit 13 and in front of the next block
Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 4pm
Saturday : CLOSED
2nd and 4th Sunday noon ~ 5pm only for foreigners
1st and 3rd Sunday : CLOSED

♦ iBK industrial Bank iTaewon Foreign Currency Wiring Center
128-4 iTaeWonDong, YongSanGu, SEOUL
*SEOUL Subway Line 6 iTaeWon Station Exit 4 and is on the ground floor of the building behind
Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 6pm
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday 10am ~ 5pm only for foreigners


( Central and Southern Region )

♦ NH NongHyup (Farmers Association) Bank HyangNam Branch
3-1 HaengJungRi, HyangNamEup, HwaSung City, GyeongGiDo,
*NongHyup JungPlaza 2nd Floor
Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 6pm
Saturday : CLOSED
last Sunday of every Month 10am ~ 4pm for Koreans and foreigners

♦ DaeGu Bank SungSeo Sales Department
(1276 DalGuBeol DaeRo) 892-3 iGokDong, DalSeoGu, DaeGu,
Monday ~ Friday 9am ~ 4pm
Saturday : CLOSED
Sunday 10am ~ 4pm only for foreigners

큰 지도에서 Western Union BANK Branches OPEN Sundays WeekEnds 보기

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