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OutBack SteakHouse Strikes Back

iTaewon is still the most American street in all of Korea, even though G.i’s have retracked into the base as well as a bulk moving South to PyeongTaek (to finish-up in 2016). you can see familiar uniforms especially during lunch time, also at KyungRiDan . so I was surprise to find OutBack SteakHouse closed early this year, and had ate at the next closest branch in NamYoungDong also known as the entrance to SookMyeong Womens University . but it turns out they have rebuilt the whole building in glass, and will re-open mid-Summer come August yippee ~

Florida’s steakhouse chain has been known on-start as Australian from its billboard name, and due to Korea’s distrust of American meat from disease-scare they announce theirs as from Australia . but beware and don’t trust all announcements as well as labels at supermarkets, for even though over 30% of beef sold in South Korea was from the States : you rarely come across any in buchers nor supermarts .. as much of it is mis-labeled intentionally 0o0
aside from their juicy steaks there are two more reasons to devour at OutBacks in South Korea :

  1. they regularly have special menus lasting a Month or two to match local palette but with Western looks the institution is famous for,
  2. also OutBacks is one of few restaurants including competing VIPS (South Korea’s TGIF) offering generous discounts on certain credit cards and ofcourse their own membership card (also in their smartphone app) resulting in 10% and even 20% discount 😉


– iTaewon BLog –

( Mid-August Update ) and come-back they did : to the still-most American Street of All Korea . and all of iTaewon knew it : for they had their staff going around iTaewon giving-out coupons for a free starter dish .
and while you had to climb one stairs-up on their former restaurant : this in the same rebuilt building, you have to ride the elevator up to the third floor . although not -yet as crowded as for dinner on their other branches .

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