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Annual iTaewon Festival

Pasadena has the Rose Parade and Deutschland has OktoberFest, and the shopping mecca known to G.i’s from the American Base on the next block, is now home to Middle-Easterners and Africans, where a concentration of gays and tran-sexuals operate, the former in saunas and the latter in bars in modern Korea . the end of the decade saw a rush of Japanese tourists now changing hands with Chinese over the Millennium . this being the night party spot aside from the newly amassed Hong-Dae (short for the art college fame of Hong-ik University further West of the Capital of Seoul), there is a great festival going on every year . and to top it off, Yong San (which iTaewon administratively is governed by) Ku Office opened their Head-Quarters and the West end of iTaewon, to open-up a formerly closed alley – and with the whole YongSan real-estate rebuilding plan under-way, they just had to up the ante on promotion as well as an incredible road-block onto automobiles .. so much so, that you would have seen to believe the whole of foreign populace in Seoul gathered here in these three days ~


tents with cuisines from all over the whole wide World (www) formed an artificial road on the West wing of main iTaewon Street . and among them, where else would you find the classic cultural Korea’s-own sugar candy ? where you win a prize if you successfully carve-out the corners to form it into a flat statue !
among the many, many eateries we chose the large pork barbecue stand held on East alley of Hamilton Hotel . understandably expensive with small portions, they were sort of a traveling circus .. going where festivals open woe~ what a Life,


– iTaewon BLog in Oktober um, Fest 2012 –

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