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a popular Hong Kong landmark endorsed by Michelin Guide in 2009 . barely open last March 2011 on Korea’s prestigious art school (Hong iK University) gates stuttled with cozy cafes AND thus shortened as “HongDae” now known for live music club scene . and by September 2012 : moved right in front of iTaewon Subway Station across another land-mark Hamilton Hotel . Subway Exit 4, turn Left and behind Steff Hot Dog, on the ground floor of Gecko’s .

Open 11:30am ~ 9pm and until 11pm on Friday and Saturdays, closed every Tuesday .


– iTaewon BLog –

Ofcourse nothing good lasts for ever and by May 2016 – a good four years after relocating from HongDae to dead-center of iTaewon – there was this leaflet on each table, that they were closing next Month to move this time to ApGuJeong . respectful they are not simply opening new branches like many start-ups of this venture age, but instead closing one to open another . and you also have to give credit to them for opening at all popular and trending spots in the Capital of SEOUL : first at the artistic, hip and club center of HongDae (Hong ik University known for art and design departments), then here in iTaewon where wondering G.i’s, horny English teachers, LGBT, Japanese but now more Chinese tourists and curious local Korean students meet in awe . and the new spot is again at the centre of Posh Korean shopping akin to Beverly Hill (actually the road in front here is called Rodeo Street) but quite younger, although one alley behind main streets //

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