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iTaewon Festival 2015

albeit : the day the iTaewon Shopping District turned into a whole HongDae Club Scene .
for two full days of Saturday and Sunday in the Weekend of October : Western iTaewon Street is close to motor traffic and open-air vendors line the street . it is wonder how people have heard about this, and gather so much that there are hardly and empty space during afternoons and early evenings . similar open events are held around the capital but this is the place with most foreigners : military and expatriates alike .

true to its multi-national (aside from multi-sex orientated) character : the whole Eastern portion of sales tents were comprised of ethnic item sellers like traditional indian ornaments and Arab dishes . the rest were all food kiosks that many side-walk corners were littered with kebab poles and plastic cups . then proving Korea was most inflluenced by American culture than any other countries in the Orient : the live and DJ disc jockeys played disco and rap over and over again very, very loud – right-up until midnight in a neighborhood were people actually reside too .


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