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LUmiNArie Omelette Curry

The whole lot between Hamilton Hotel at iTaewon Station on SEOUL Subway Line 6 East-ward to ChungHwa Apartments is its old furniture alley, where mostly classic tables and chairs are shipped from England . then from the ensuing hill after that down to the Han River is the rather poor area in contrast to the richest real eastate just a large block up North where the chairman’s residence sits on NamSan (South Mountain) with panoramic view of SEOUL early expatriate district HanNamDong . but this old-and-modest area has been livened with the building of a series of PolyTech Universities that number 32 around the Korean Peninsula . it is a category of higher education institution belonging to one 0r two-year “special colleges”, much easier to get into than full-fledged universities . this one built in 2008 and there-after a series of cute eateries and cafes are coming-and-going to adhere to its students . and right across from its main gate is an omelette specialty restaurant on the second floor .
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