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since Nescafe took over from the well-known Chinese restaurant which moved Right/West towards MacDonald’s, this building became the glitz across from the Hamilton which is, always but more-so the light-house in Central iTaewon . and Baskin Robins on the ground floor re-decorated WHITE in-time for Christmas 2013 : now on a snowy Winter-Wonder night, it is intriguing people still yonder into this ice cream parlour .
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Staying at the Hamilton hotel and saw the baskin robins store across the street. I thought great a sunday would be fantastic on a hot day. I found out that they only have two kinds of sundays. Cookie and Strawberry. Never been to an ice cream place that has all those flavors and NO sundays. All I wanted was a hot fudge or chocolate sunday. if that’s all they plan to sell they need to close

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