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Garrett Ruby Edwards Tartine Bakery Cafe

their English website tell the story of a retired expatriate from Oregon . having been quite known along the Capital’s gourmet circuit – accentuated by the fact that it is run by a foreigner much like a few others around iTaewon, they now have a couple of branches in riche neighborhoods around the metropolis . their tiny cafe reminds you of a brunch tea parlour in the alleys of Odeon in the Latin Quartier of gaie Paris . along with French snobery : they even have a time limit how long you can site there, as if the limiting closet-space is due to the customer -_- still much of their cakes and tartes are hard-American, much different than their softer counterparts fore-mostly influenced from neighboring Japan ..
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SEOUL Subway Line 6 iTaewon Station Exit 1 and is in the narrow second alley into your Right after KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken .


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