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Analog Kitchen Pasta UN Village HanNamDong

almost half a Century from a time when the whole of expatriates dwelled around YongSan and neighboring HanHamDong, a good half a dozen areas around metropolis a dotted with Western eateries – that is, aside from all the what-ever fusion restaurants popping-up at trendy spots around the Capital and its surrounding satellite cities . from the Northern intersection of HanNamBridge linking old downtown SEOUL with the nouveau-riche KangNam – along the up-hill slope onto the entrance to a long-time expatriate residence town familiar as UN Village – line-up various small restaurants . many are sandwich places with the only difference from anywhere around town, is that it is more home-made taste . shops change places as business come-and-go like any other area but not so frequent as iTaewon . and a recent addition is a fusion iTalian corner named Analog Kitchen – a name incomprehensible to-taste .
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still the only fried cutlet here was fresh and juicy than even the established Japanese counter-part in the classic fashion block of MyeongDong up down-town . and I proclaim this the best eatery of 2014 at the entrance to UN Village .

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