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it’s Spring

it has been a long~ Winter or felt so because it was hard for me . snowed quite a bit too . and it was unusual such temperature difference between day and night even through February – perfect for you to catch cold unless you had the shot now common, although it works most of the time you are bound to get one but to get over in shorter period of days . the give-away hint was weather forecast for March 16th Sunday where they said it was perfect for a picnic – just in time as I got a set of Coleman screen shade and leisure sheet when I bought a Nikon SLR last Summer 😉 and finally as a fresh new Week started with mild rain Monday :  the coat was not to be seen . so I officially proclaim Spring has come today onto the Korean Peninsula !
warm Sun shuns at the main entrance to iTaewon shopping street on the photo, as you enter from US YongSan Base West . Left is its official welcoming arc and further on the Right the new YongSan regional administration office //

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