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iTaewon Korean Restaurant JangSaRang

When the nation was developing people went to iTaewon for bosae clothes – made for export but those that made its way into local markets – but as its administrating YongSangGu Office decided to make this an international fiesta street much like year-round Oktoberfest, foreign and fusion restaurants have been popping-up over the Millennium . and as much of a variety of foreign appetite can be had (although most are skemes made more to make money than offer genuine taste) you can find some Korean restaurants among them, for the area is serving the foreign community too .

One among them is JangSaRang, which translates as “love for the open market” in a nuance of the joy when villagers went to the local market in suburban areas . the menu is overtly Korean classic palate, but as they tried to make this modern with natural interiors with comtemporary artists’ painting hung around, even to the washing room . even that alone makes the food taste new (although not fusion here) because most tradition Korean restaurants still are cluttered and messy, aside from the most expensive barbecu rib establishments .
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