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Shake Shack Burger Jungle Fever

The Korean Peninsula has been experiencing steaming-hot weather this year, as high pressure around has pushed rain to the South thus delaying annual Monsoon Season . more-over each day has been recorded as the hottest this year right up to today . and yesterday Friday : New York’s dearly popular Shake Shack opened its first branch is a busy-street in the middle of GangNam . youngsters have been lining before opening, after which even the American Ambassador attended its opening and long lines even today – although many companies have now accepted the Western Weekend-off, most office still work until 1pm Saturdays . most wait is around 2:30 hours !

SEOUL Subway Line 9 ShinNonHyeon Station Exit 5 and is on the next block or
Line 2 or ShinBunDang Line GangNam Station Exit 11 and is on the 5th block .

plus there are many things to do while you are here in a popular intersection :

  1. there is a Post Office in the next building on the third floor,
  2. next to that building is one of earliest Korean Apple ReSeller Frisbee (this intersection has THREE Apple ReSellers : another just across the street and another diagonal to this first one)
  3. across the road at the subway intersection is Kyobo Tower, under which is the Kyobo BookStore with the second largest assortment of foreign (English and Japanese) books !


However Shake Shack in Korea is NOT operated by States-side Shake Shack directly, rather purchased by Korean SPC Group and run as a franchise, side-by-side as their many bakery and fast-food joints like Paris Baguette and Dun1in Donuts . meaning : it would be unlikely SPC would import Shake Shack’s prized fresh patty and bread, but instead could use their own package Shany bread line .

South Korean hamburger joint is monopolized by Lotteria with about 1200 branches, MacDonald with 450 and Burger King with 240 . local fresh patty Kraze Burger which opened early 2000 ‘s has gone bankrupt in 2013 . Korean conglomerate Shinsegae brought roller-skating Johnny Rockets over in 2009 which is now stuck in a back-alley without much customers .

So although the current lining-up crowd may be a fad than die-hard fans, and those who want to upload photos of their experience to their blogs and social networks, its only way to survive may to roll along a prestigeous trend-maker as StarBucks is doing //


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