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New Fusion Take Out The Nanum Food

Day 1 Chicken Teriyaki

Day 1 Lemon Gi (Cutlet)

Day 2 Chicken Teriyaki

Day 2 Bossam (steamed pork) Teriyaki

with the Central Mosque to its East flank, the narrow road leading from Hamilton Hotel South towards the Han River, lies BoGwangDong, a rather modest neighborhood where many ladies working in iTaewon live . and as many with night jobs, and too tiresome to cook in the daytime, take-out or made-to-order abound from Korea’s own Chinese delivery to new pizza parlours and seaweed rice chains .

but most are alike, and one gone and replacing as times are bad, perhaps with the exception of Pizza Hut as mentioned on this BLog with prompt on-Line order and immaculate delivery with a salute .


a new contender has joined although in a hard-to-find corner . on top of the small hill between ChungHwa Apartment rear entrance and PolyTechnic University, there is a three-way street with a traffic light . this is in the Eastern corner hidden from direct view because it is right behind the cell phone telecommunications branch .

location cordinates : the three-way street is the Bus Stop : Polytechnic University,
the three roads that intersect are :

  • road across from Hamilton Hotel at iTaewon Subway Station,
  • road next to iTaewon Fire Station going up to-and-past Hooker Hill and Mosque Hill (just go straight without going into any of the these Left alleys)
  • BoGwangDong alley leading to the bus terminus at Han River (HanGang)

only two tables so hard to take a seat and they take orders too, but take almost a hour for delivery in the same neighborhood duh – so take-out is your best bet currently .

so what makes this place so special . first, even in an inconventional place like iTaewon people gather on any new place, and thus the late delivery . but their menu is not set like most branch outlets, and seem to be done by the feel of cook and owner . also it is not cheap at each dish set W7,000 . but the ingretients are fresh, and side menu varies by day as I tried to show you on the photos above, where the side dish are different even with the  main dish .

and as a real popular place with a few specialized menu would have it : they only have 8 set menus, and some days not even that, depending upon customer frequency -_- I will try to express in Korean pronounciation for you to order, and explain : W7,000 each unless quoted otherwise

  1. Chicken Teriyaki, chicken in sweet-marinated soy sauce
  2. Yoo Rin Gi, chicken cutlet with vegetables (probably)
  3. Dalk Gang Jeong, sweet marbled on top of fried chicken
  4. Lemon Gi, chicken cutlet with lemon
  5. Bossam Teriyaki, steam pork in sweet-marinated soy sauce
  6. Bassak Bulgogi, Korean barbecue
  7. Honey Bossam, steam pork rolled in vegetable (you roll it yourself) W19,000
  8. Gogi Keuk Soo, meat soup W6,000



– iTaewon BLog, prior to Monsoon July 2012 –

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