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Japanese Raw Fish Sushi Restaurant Makoto Next to Hospital

to adhere to those in cure as well as their visitors, areas around larger general hospitals have some of the most healthy eateries in South Korea . and the only general hospital, although small by Millennium standards, is hidden in the large block sandwiched between the well-off HanNam and mosdest BoGwang Dong .

and because this is the conjested old Seoul area, such hospital cannot rebuild into a modern high-rise but instead build new Wings around the original building . they are currently building their third Wing and this restaurant is right next to its construction site .

mind-you : a handful of pretty popular raw fish restaurants in this neighborhood 😉 and lunch time is the best to go for a set discount as with most higher sushi restaurants in South Korea .

following the usual ritual of seaweed-scallop congee, you get mighty thick, long layers of raw fish on top of marinated rice . and glowing fresh “V”

and ofcourse to match Korean appetite, for many elders hospitalized, half of side dish is traditional Korean . but you know this is more Japanese than Korean-style when you don’t get the spicey oh-hot fish soup, later from left-overs of the actual fish you devoured .



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