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Brazilian Steak House Copacabana iTaewon Seoul Korea Buffet Review


the alley behind iTaewon’s landmark Hamilton Hotel is desginated the Official international restaurant district
and here the latest of eateries in iTaewon where you can come back and back and again .

open and run by a long-time expat in South Korea
who flew-in all her colleagues from Brazil
most who can now speak enough resto-lingo in Korean for the curious locals .

for a set price you get the whole of a small salad buffet
then a rotating choice of meat – mostly in beef but pork AND chicken also – kebabs brought to your table periodically
to finish-off with a delicious roast pinapple, again cut-off from a kebab .




– August 2010 –

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My girlfriend and our two girls went to dinner at Copacabana. My girlfriend has various food allergies so she is gluten, diary and meat free eater, after looking that there is only one option to get the meat and salad bar for 29,000 won, she decided not to eat. The lady at the restaurant proceeded to come over and state, “You can’t stay here if you’re not eating.” There was three of us eating and paying as patrons. I told the lady that I can understand the concern but her approach is completely rude. Upon checking out she asked me how old me daughter was, which I replied 9. Apparently she questioned my integrity and continued to question me what year was she born.

This restaurant is obviously more concerned about revenue than customer service. I will never eat there again. I suggest no one else goes there either. There are two other Brazilian restaurants in Itaewon that are better and I’m sure don’t treat you like a thief or liar.

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