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Korea covered under Snow 10 inches

the whole of Korea awoke to a merry surprise on the first business day after New Years 2010 holiday weekend . snow started falling, falling, seemed like to stop but kept on snowing . so much so that automobiles WITH snow chains could NOT climb the slightest hills . recording history of the most snowfall in 41 years in Korea .

while neighboring Japan gets snow towards Northern Hokkaido regions and the rest spent in mild Winters, the Korean Penninsula is prone to distinct 4 Seasons . ofcourse the militant state of North Korea freeze more AND the Southern-most island enjoy near tropical climates year-round . so the temperature flunctuates below 0 Celsius in the Winter and snows now-and-then . but the now-great IT Nation stopped dead as far as business goes today for people had to come to work in the Real World -_- the only mode of transportation was the subway which Seoul has the most maze but still uncomparable in efficiency to ealier metropolis in the likes of Paris, London or Tokyo . and as commuters crowded onto the Subway in downtown Seoul, several lines had to halt due to mechanical problems arising from ice getting into the doors as well as under railways, then many others had to run late .

and it is NOT over . although the Capital of Seoul may be spared, the whole of Korea is expected to snow for a few days more until the next weekend WITH icey weather falling below 0 Celsius down to 10 . ofcourse the mountainous Eastern KangWon ‘Do’ for region expects the most snow for another 2 days and then the Southern regions of ChoongChung AND JeonRa ‘Nam’ (South) and ‘Book’ (North) Do regions .

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