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a Decade after the Millennium techno-Korea is dotted with cafes as much as Wi-Fi zones formed with the influx of iPhone and iPad
but over the Millennium all-sorts of Pizza parlours were under way, delivering in place of Korea’s-own Chinese restaurants familiar to every neighborhood .

and among similar restaurant and prices, one bargain outlet is retaining the lowest but with limited seatings and pick-up ONLY :
more-over : all the staff wear warm jackets in Winter to save on heating bills ?

3 chain stores around iTaewon, and ofcourse since they can take only cheaper real-estate locations : none central but (from North, clock-wise)

  • KyungRiDan Branch from Seoul Subway Line 6 NokSaPyong Station Exit 2 at the corner of US YongSan Base up the alley towards Hyatt Hotel,
  • BoGwang Branch from Seoul Subway Line 6 iTaewon Station and the alley across Hamilton Hotel down BoGwangDong South towards the Han River,
  • HanNam Branch at the 5-way intersection at the Northern ramp of HanNam Bridge (and the entrance to UN Village) and West towards SoonCheonHyang Hospital


also right above BoGwang Branch is another “cheapest” in Fried Chicken but have to add W1,000 for delivery which is random -_-

but ofcourse nothing beats good ol’Pizza Hut in original taste and joyful variety both in Pizza and Side Dishes 😉

yes, it is the most expensive but always with periodical event discounts as well as the facility to order by credit card On-Line and on delivery .

keep in mind Pizza Hut and many other international chain stores along with major department stores, super-marts and On-Line stores regularly offer credit card discounts !

better-yet : 15% discount if you order through Apple’s App Store on iPhone or iPad until end of June ~

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