iTaewon BLog

Bistro Corner Barbeque

just before the West-end of the main iTaewon road (you should drop by the post office before, immediately behind the signal crossing over South to the luggage stores)
before turning the last corner over to the U.S. Base or right to the Tunnel North towards downtown : to the right there is an up-hill alley . about 5 buildings up-hill is another small restaurant run by 2 young Korean enthusiasts and ribs are the thing here .


choice of full or half ribs, with two selection of sources in their original and American . hamburgers are supposed to be good though haven’t tried it yet . I love it here away from the hustle around Hamilton Hotel and very clean inside . the young Korean chef and staff are courteous and usually pairs of Korean girls talking quietly of cozy life in the city . even a cozy terrace on the 2nd floor overlooking South Post which will relocate soon .


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